Solar-Powered Air Conditioner - Why Not Use The Sun To Keep You Cool

The idea makes perfect sense--why not utilize the sun’s energy to cool down?  It was the perfect solution to many problems and today many companies have ventured into solar-powered air conditioner.  One of the increasingly popular solar air conditioning products of today is the Californian-based GreenCore solar-powered air conditioning system for both fixed and mobile applications. GreenCore10200 solar powered air conditioner comes with one solar panel and its design provides the flexibility to incorporate other alternative forms of power generation such as wind power.  The product is a little costly.  But think about the savings you get in a long term perspective.  There are other air conditioning companies that have seen the benefits of the product and more brands have manufactured their own solar powered unit today.

The GreenCore solar air conditioning units can provide climate control solution to rooms as large as 600 square feet cool using its single 170-watt solar panels. One of the greatest features of this product is the option to use both the solar cell generated power and the power from the grid. This way, solar air conditioning units can charge its batteries using solar power and switch to the power grid source when the generated and stored solar energy is insufficient.

A solar-powered air conditioner has many benefits. One of which is that the system does not need any potentially hazardous chemicals like refrigerant to operate since the evaporation effect does the job of cooling.  Another benefit is that due to the cooling processes being completed by evaporation, the total energy needed by the solar powered-air conditioner is ninety percent less than a conventional air conditioner utilizes.  A traditional air conditioner would need 6,000 watts of electricity to work properly while the solar powered unity would only require 600 watts of electricity.  This alone is a huge savings to everyone.  

The advent of solar air conditioners simply means that you can now enjoy cool and comfy air that costs much to install, but costs way cheaper to maintain. It also gives you the fine opportunity to make the shift from energy-grabbing air conditioning units to more energy-efficient, cleaner and environment-friendly units that helps lessen carbon footprint. No doubt, the solar powered air conditioners are far more efficient and renewable form of air cooling. In many ways, solar air conditioning is more favorable to the environment and to your budget as well.