Conditions and Privacy


NOONSOLAR.COM is an independent provider of installation services for solar panels and is affiliated to some of the top brands of solar panels in the world. In accordance with our continuing desire to protect the integrity of our clientele and affiliates, we have established a set of conditions concerning the privacy of our clientele’s contact information.

  1. will not release any of our clientele’s personal information to third party companies and vendors, unless permission is given by the clientele. Personal information will include name, address or place of residence, telephone numbers, and email addresses. Credit card information is a separate piece of information and we will leave that in the hands of your credit card companies; issues about credit card disputes will be brought up along with your credit card vendor, serving as the mediator.


  1. is affiliated with third party retailers of solar panels. We will not be releasing your personal information to our affiliates, and vice versa.


  1. will not be contacting clienteles via email for request of any personal and confidential information.  If the phone number is not given, an email requesting you to contact us at our hotline will be sent to you.   Note that we will never ask our customers to send personal information via email.  We are aware of the trend of unsecure email addresses and some pieces of vital information are best left unshared through email for security purposes.


  1. will give 100% cooperation in the event that personal information of the clientele is requested by local government authorities (e.g. police, and other criminal investigation bodies), when full paperwork is given.