Noonsolar.com is an independent retailer of Solar Panels and we would like to secure the integrity and safety of our customers and the company through the following terms and conditions. We will not be dealing with customers who will not agree to the terms and conditions set forth by our legal team.

  1. Noonsolar.com is an independent installer of Solar Panels from different manufacturers. Noonsolar.com reserves the right of withholding the contact information of the manufacturers in order to respect their privacy. The company can accommodate installations of nearly all brands of solar panels.
  1. Noonsolar.com is an independent installer and has affiliations to third-party retailers. We are not liable for the mishandled transactions made to our retailers. Any complaints should be directed towards them.
  1. Noonsolar.com will not be liable for the warranty of your solar panels. Before installation, our staff will be inspecting the quality of the solar panels. When defects or faults are found, we will not proceed with the installation.
  1. Noonsolar.com respects the rights of its clientele and we reserve the right to withhold their personal information (e.g. name, phone number, email address, etc).  Your personal information is safe with us. Our staff will not ask for your credit card information via email or phone.
  1. Noonsolar.com reserves the right to inspect the location or site where the solar panel will be installed. This is to ensure that the solar panel will not be a burden to the site (e.g. environmental hazard). Noonsolar.com also reserves the right to decline installation services when the site or location is deemed unfit.
  1. Noonsolar.com will honour warranty on our installation service. Faulty installations like loose bolts will be accommodated accordingly. Damages incurred to the panels during and after installation due to natural calamities and misuse of equipment are not covered by the warranty.